We put our heads in it!

We work to understand every moving part of our B2B clients.


We work to benefit others.

We equip our Not-for-Profit clients so they can make others smile.


Turning emotions into actions.

We’re not just putting your name in front of the world. We emotionally activate your brand.


Design is just art with a purpose.

Purposeful design is important to emotionally driving the brand, but it’s only one of many tactics.


Where others see chaos, we see reason.

It may appear chaotic until we connect the dots.


We are dot connectors. We are passionate.
We pull alongside you. We are Eclipse.


Being a quality marketing and advertising agency isn’t about having a quirky office, coming up with witty tag lines or disappearing to brainstorm without the client. A quality agency truly integrates with the client, pulling alongside and wearing multiple hats to achieve the goal. It’s being more than just a suit that presents one idea (take it or leave it). It’s advising and guiding them in the right direction. It’s caring as much as they do about their business. Our clients know we’ll take the lead, set the strategy and carry their brand to new heights. They also know we’ll be submissive and follow instruction when that fits best. Our clients know they will experience an authentic relationship.
About Us

Our Clients

Wehave a true passion for our clients. We couldn't do what we do otherwise. No matter the time of day, no matter what we are doing, our clients are on our minds. If there is some way we can help our clients with a new idea – referring them to the proper vendor or just connecting the dots by partnering two of our clients together – we will make it happen. If something keeps our client up at night, it keeps us up at night, too.
Our Clients

We have a true passion for our clients.

Award Winning

American Graphic Design Award
2012 Website Design
2011 Direct Mail Design
2011 Website Design
2010 Logo Design
2009 Logo Design
2008 Logo Design

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